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MCESD#2 - Montgomery Fire Department

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Montgomery County Emergency Service District #2 (MCESD #2) is a government agency that is responsible for and supervises fire prevention, fire suppression, rescue, and EMS first response for North West Montgomery County.  The district covers 232 square miles.  The Board consists of appointed Commissioners that reside within the district.

Emergency Services Districts (ESDs) are political subdivisions of the State of Texas.  They may support or provide local emergency services, including emergency medical services, emergency ambulance services, rural fire prevention and control services, and other emergency services authorized by the Texas Legislature.  ESD's may impose a sales and use tax and/or property tax to support or provide these services.


Left to Right: Commissioner Burt Green, Commissioner James Sibley, Commissioner Lonnie Clover, Secretary/Treasurer Kim Parrish,  President Mike Mason,

The ESD Board is governed by State laws and Texas Health and Safety Code 775 as a means to better provide public funding for urban, suburban and rural emergency service organizations.  The Board is appointed by the County Commissioners and Montgomery County Commissioners Court.

Qualifications for those interested in becoming an ESD Commissioner must: Be 18 years of age; Be a resident of the state; Be a qualified voter within the ESD or owner of land subject to taxation in the ESD; and, these candidates may possess knowledge of fire prevention or emergency medical services. See 775.034, Texas Health and Safety Code.

ESD #2 Board Members

Mike Mason

Vice President
James Sibley

Lonnie Clover

Burt Green

Secretary / Treasurer
Kim Parrish

Board Meeting Agendas

Board Meeting Minutes

2017 - February - 2.22.17 - Agenda

2017 - March - 3.22.17 - Agenda

2017 - April - 4.26.17 - Agenda

2017 - May - 5.24.17 - Agenda

2017 - June - 6.28.17 - Agenda

2017 - July - 7.26.17 - Agenda

2017 - August - 8.23.17 - Agenda

2017 - September

2017 - October

2017 - November

2017 - December

2017 - March - 3.22.17 - Board Minutes

2017 - April - 4.26.17 - Board Minutes

2017 - June - 6.28.17 - Board Minutes

2017 - July - 7.26.17 - Board Minutes

2017 - August

2017 - September

2017 - October

2017 - November

2017 - December

The Montgomery Fire Department was created in 1969 and later became a Rural Fire Protection District (RFPD) which allow a maximum tax rate of .03/$100 of property value.  In 1996, voters approved a ballot measure that converted the RFPD to an Emergency Services District with a maximum tax rate of .10/$100 of property value.  The Montgomery Fire Department continued to provide contract service for the ESD as a 501(c)(3) organization.  In 2009, the Montgomery Fire Department merged with the ESD, and the ESD became the taxing authority and service provider.  May of 2016, voters approved a ballot measure giving the ESD authority to levy two percent sales and use tax in the unincorporated areas of the district.

2017 - January - 1.25.17 - Agenda

2017 - January  - 1.25.17 - Board Minutes

2017 - February  - 2.22.17 - Board Minutes

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